War of The New World

The War Against The Elves

On a cold rainy afternoon an Imperial Frigate docks in Julio’s Landing. It has been half a year since the vessel was last docked, and its crew made landfall. Hundreds exit the vessel. Most sailors, but some are soldiers sent to reinforce the front lines of the colony. Defense from the natives is the current priority. A small group assembles as their Marshal calls out their names.

The Marshal is Diviticus Salrin. He is in charge of all of the Special Forces squads in the area. The squad is a ragtag group of randomized adventurers. There are four in all. One a doctor/scientist another is a confused monk from a far off land. Another man is a mysterious gunslinger, and finally an Imperial Scout. Whilst there are no foot soldiers amongst them Salrin believes it is a good crew mainly since the Lanian Empire saw fit to send a medic in this squad.

After a night’s sleep to rest they were given their first assignment. Patrol. For a week they patrolled the farmland road from Julio’s Landing to the Forest’s Edge without incident. Unfortunately for them their assignment was about to get much more complicated. One day while out on patrol the group noticed that they couldn’t hear the lumberjacks at the Forest’s Edge like they usually could. After realizing this they decided to investigate.

Once at a lumberjack’s camp sight they noticed a trail of blood leading off into the woods. The medic of the party realized that whomever left this blood trail lost too much blood to still be alive. With this in mind the group decided the best course of action was to get reinforcements before making their way into the forest. They reported to Deviticus Salrin, and he in turn got several groups that were guarding low priority areas to help with clearing out the incursion.

After dealing with the whiny soldiers for hours the group finally came across the blood trail once again. They followed the trail for many more hours, and whilst they did so the day grew late and the sky darkened. Hours after originally trekking into the dark forest they were ambushed by a hunting party of Elves. The battle that followed claimed the lives of three Imperial Soldiers, but the Lanian Soldiers were victorious.

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The group managed to capture one Elf alive. Unfortunately no one could make the Elf talk so the group decided to drag him back to Julio’s Landing for interrogation. After having to walk the entire way back in the darkness the group finally made it back to the town’s walls when daybreak was near. Exhausted everyone save for the scout, and the monk went back to the barracks for a night of sleep. Those two felt they had an obligation to see what fate would follow the Elf.

Deep in the dungeons beneath the castle of Julio’s Landing the Elf’s screams could be heard echoing off of the stone walls as the inquisitor pried information out of the Elf. While the Monk quickly grew bored of seeing the darker side of the Lanian Empire the scout felt he had to see the entire interrogation for himself. After several hours of him watching his commanding Marshal Salrin approached him and ordered him to get some rest. The inquisitor didn’t seem to mind having the chance to work without being watched.

Upon going back to the barracks everyone was informed that their squad had the day off seeing as how they had such a late night they wouldn’t be at the top of their game in the morning for any type of military duty. The group rested in their own unique ways, and after a night off they all were given a new assignment by Salrin the next morning. They were told that they are finally to be on their way to Levious Talric’s Fort Langston.

After making the days march to Fort Langston the party had finally made it. They decided to report in and they actually managed to talk to the actual Grand Officer Levious Talric. He claimed to have a special assignment for them in the morning. As they rested up at the fort they realized just how understaffed, and unsupplied the fort was. Finally after a night of various activities they were all forced to do drill in the fort. The drill was several times more intense, but it wasn’t unbearable. After words they made their ways to the fort’s command.

Inside once more they found Talric brooding over battle plans, and failed skirmishes that were brought on by the Paladin who is currently leading Julio’s Landing. He decided to give the group an assignment to clear out a cave that the empire believed the Elves were using as a rest station as they went further into human territory. The group then set off. Some of them took the time to search for berries, and medical herbs on their way to the Elven rest way. They found, and followed several animal, and Elven pathways, but luckily were not ambushed on their way there.

Finally they found the cave. Outside they saw several Elves attempting to catch fish with their bare hands since there was a river right outside of the cave mouth. They decided not to ambush the Elves, but merely to observe. They only got the name of one of the Elves, before nightfall approached, and the Elves sought shelter within the cave. The party decided to follow some time later after the monk demonstrated his skill by catching a fish within five minutes the way the Elves failed to do in an entire afternoon. The doctor attempted to do so too, but failed miserably.

Inside of the cave the group saw various tribal markings, and drawings on the walls of the cave. The doctor of the party translated several confusing sentences with the world “Okash” in them, but he determined that it was the name of the large wolf on the drawings. As they made their way into the cave they heard several yips and growls from wolves. Upon making it into the Wolves’ room they finally were detected by the wolves. Luckily the monk distracted the little wolf, and one of the large ones with the fish he caught. The third, and final wolf however wasn’t swayed, and decided to grab the doctor’s hand to hold him there while the rest of the group left him behind.

After making their way further into the cave they could hear the Elves, and after hearing their voices growing concerned over the silence of the wolves the male Elf decided to check on the wolves. The party quickly ambushed, and disposed of this Elf. By this time the doctor had his hand let go, and managed to catch up to the party as the wolf had finally let him go. The two female Elves further in grew distressed that now the male Elf wasn’t coming back after several minutes.

A moment of attempting to scout out to make sure the Elven women weren’t going anywhere and the party attempted to catch up to the scout. Unfortunately for him the Elven women spotted him, and began to fire upon him. In the battle that followed plenty of fighting was done between humans and Elves, as well as between humans and humans. After the fight with the Elves was over with the wolves from the other room quickly rushed in due to the loud echoing sounds of gunfire. These wolves were dispatched quite quickly and a book was bent fairly badly as the monk used it to bash several wolf heads in with.

After this was done then the fighting within the group began. This was because of several moral obligations of not harming women were brought into play. The mysterious gunslinger believed that no women should ever be killed, and only allowed it to happen to the Elf woman in the hunting party two nights ago to be slain since she was in full hunters garb. After a while it was brought up that Elves had no qualms about bringing their women onto the battlefield, and believed that their women were just as skilled as their men at being soldiers.

After this long dispute was over the scout finally jerked away, and dug a dagger into the unconscious Elf’s skull. Another argument began, but was cut short with a loud howl. The party now noticed how much blood was on the floor, and how the crevices that appeared to be a simple design on the floor now were completely full of blood. It only took a moment to realize this was probably some sort of Elven ritual that they had completed for the Elves. An eerie night of sleeping in the cave followed since they didn’t want to be caught outside with whatever beastie made that noise during the night.

A night of listening to the howl grow further and further away to the south, as well as the pitter patter of passing animals in the trees followed for the monk who was on first watch. By the time second watch came the wolves had all already passed by. The wolf they let live due to the doctor wanting a pet for some reason was whining, and being unreasonably vicious. Finally dawn broke, and the party began to head back towards Fort Langston to report back to Talric, and hopefully get away from whatever was in the woods…



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