Amilio Devaughny

Paladin of The Imperial Military


A rather pompous man. Amilio Devaughny serves currently as Paladin to the Imperial Military. He is currently in charge of all military action in the province that surrounds the large colony of Julio’s Landing. Although many are, not every person at Paladin rank in the Imperial Military is actually a man of god. There are some like Amilio who earn the rank by gaining trust with the church (Often times through bribes) so that they would promote him to the rank of Paladin. This way he needn’t have a power struggle with Grand Officer Talric who is in charge of Fort Langston.

Amilio has long blonde hair that he often keeps in a pony tail. Blue eyes. A tall figure. Often times he is seen wearing a white armor with gold trimming, and designs of lions adorning the otherwise bland plate mail. As well he wears a bright red cape to show off the colors of the Empire, and many speculate the reason he really wears the cape is to make himself seem more important.


Amilio Devaughny

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