Marshal Deviticus Salrin

One of many marshals serving in the Julio's Landing province


Deviticus Salrin was a distinguished soldier of the Imperial Military upon taking the heads of fifty Elves in the battle that allowed the Empire to take control the forest that they currently call the Conqueror’s Forest. Shortly after that battle the Empire set up Fort Langston, and the Elves were forced to flee to the mountains. Until the recent promotion of Devaughny it seemed like the Elves were going to be driven out of the province, but the Paladin has been doing much more harm than good. If there is one thing that pisses Deviticus off it’s receiving a direct order from Devaughny.

Deviticus Salrin’s figure is slender standing at exactly six feet tall. He adorns a claymore on his back, and wears leather armor due to its lighter nature. Though many of the soldiers currently wear cloth uniforms he believes it is silly to wear such an attire since the Elves don’t use guns so leather, and metal are still effective at countering their attacks. Salrin’s hair is light brown with a well trimmed beard. Though he has a claymore on his back his primary weapons are the two pistols at his sides. While it takes him a while to reload them when he gets into the heat of battle he often is seen scaring the hell out of Elves with the ability to use two guns instead of one.


Marshal Deviticus Salrin

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