Emma Ocono

Half Elf Accused of Witchcraft


Half Elves are a very rare thing, but every once and a while they pop up within the conquered areas of The New World. One such half elf is Emma Ocono. Born from a human mother she has faced persecution, and mistrust her entire life. She is only allowed to live since some activists believe in peaceful resolutions with the Elves. In order for that to happen then the first step would be to bring up Half Elves and allow them into human areas. Unfortunately for Emma her life has been anything but peaceful living with the normal humans.

She has had many harsh times, and sought to get to a more accepting community by moving into a less populated area of The New World. Unfortunately xenophobia exists in the town of Charleston which was the town she decided to move to. Upon her arrival she began working as a florist picking the various flowers within the recent areas of Charleston. Currently the mayor, and several others from Charleston are trying her for witchcraft, and hoping to hang her so they no longer have to live with the fear that an “Elven Spy” is within their lands.

Emma has long flowing light green hair that was gifted from her Elven heritage. She also has brown eyes, and generally wears colorful dresses with flower patterns on them. Her figure is a thicker for someone with Elven heritage, but about average for a human woman, and she stands about five foot three inches tall.


Emma Ocono

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