Levious Talric

General, and Commander at Fort Langston


Often times seen as daring, cunning, and brave Grand Officer Levious Talric has served through many great battles revolving around the Elves of The New World. Often times he feels his work is undermined by his current superior Paladin Devaughny. Unfortunately Devaughny’s recent blunders have pushed back Talric’s attempts at pushing the Elven skirmishers from the province around Julio’s Landing. Many fear that Devaughny may well bring the colony to defeat and force everyone to return home unless he accepts Talric’s advice as superior to his own.

Talric is a large man who stands at six feet two inches tall and weighs roughly two-hundred and fifty pounds. He has long brown hair that is often gnarled and tangled. Generally he wears more of a traditional Imperial uniform complete with a metal helmet. Often times it is speculated that this is because he hates the current advancements to technology brought on by the Dwarves.


Levious Talric

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