“The Church” is a massive organization within the Imperial government. Often times many of the shots revolving around the country are made by the Church. The reason is because the Empire likes to fancy itself a pious country even though the majority of times the government’s corrupt ways makes it a much greater evil in many of its conflicts. The people are often kept ignorant of any type of skirmish that the country had been the greater evil in. With this in mind many of times slander, and propaganda are used to show the populous that the Empire is a great good that shall hold steadfast in a world of great evil.

The Church is what decides who in the military becomes Paladins in the military. Paladins are often times not even effectively religious, but they show their ability to get the Church the results that they want so they promote them to Paladins. The prerequisites to becoming a Paladin are fairly simple so long as someone in the Church is on your side. You merely need to be a distinguished member of the military. So long as you can show that you can get some results that help better the Church then you’re likelihood of becoming a Paladin are much greater. Recently it has become commonplace for Paladins to have not even seen battle, but have been part of a military administration in which there were several beneficial changes made to further the Church’s cause.

As well the Divine Emperor is elected by the Cardinals of the Church much like the Pope is in our society. As well the Divine Emperor must be elected by several military officials, and often times the military officials are all Paladins whom are elected by the Church. With this in mind it is safe to say that the Imperial Government is the Church. All things from these elections down to laws all go through the Church. The only thing that could effectively stop the Church is the ruler that they elect into office.

Real men of God are becoming an ever fleeting populace of the Church. Many times it’s only those who can gain power through political, and economical means that have what the Church looks for in leaders. God is becoming much less of a power in the Church that was founded to serve him. With this in mind many of the current leaders strive to keep using God’s name, but have no intention of actually serving him. Image is everything in the Church, and while there are still those who are devout in their faith they are an ever fleeting power within this great power.

Imperial capital s church s interior The interior of the Imperial Capital’s Church. Under the name of God many secrets are kept.


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