The Imperial homeland is across the ocean from The New World. It is a place of great religious persecution, and racism. About 98.64% of the population is human, and the remainder are generally wanderers who have been forced to pass through. Very few other than humans live there willingly. The majority of which are Dwarves there to set up trade shops, and intrigue unknowing humans out of their money. The capitol is a place filled with hatred, paranoia, and deceit.

The land is governed by one monarch who is selected by the church, and acts as both the leader of the country and the leader of the church. This person is known as the divine emperor. The current emperor has been in seclusion for quite sometime, and very few know his true identity. It is often rumored that there is no Emperor, and the church simply governs everything within the country now.

Many great inventors have recently sprung up around the capitol due to the trading of outdated Dwarven schematics many inventors have come up with their own unique (and some consider suicidal) inventions in which they attempt to best Dwarven Ingenuity with mad science. While not all of them have been failures. Rail lines have been established throughout the capitol, but are rarely used since they use up too much electricity. These scientists may have thought up something that even the Dwarves couldn’t fathom, but it was mainly due to the fact that the Dwarves wouldn’t have worked on a project without any way to efficiently power it. Currently these railways are only used by the extremely wealthy, and are powered off of lightning. Lightning strikes metal poles set up throughout the capitol rendering it completely harmless for the millions that live in the capitol, and converting it into a quick method of transportation for those with enough money.

Imperial capital A Tengu questions the meaning of life right outside of the Imperial Palace as he considers suicide a viable option out of racist oppression.


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