Head of The Division (Sea Admiral) (Land General) (Siege General)
Assistant General
Grand Officer
Field Officer

Often times considered the greatest military in the entire world the Imperial Military is often times referred to as a tide of red that washes over the land. Long after the soldiers have left there are still red stains that they leave in their wake. Many times this military is considered corrupt, and makes “justice” out of “God’s word”. In other words they often use their own piety to justify slaughter. In comparison to Vikings this military is often seen as many times more organized in the sense of they actually have a chain of command instead of who is strongest being thrown in charge.

Among the ranks listed above there are several ranks that weave between them depending on the individual. These ranks are given by the Church. Often times simple clerics, and devout recruits look to get more recognition with the military by being signed on with additional power given by the Church. Paladin is a rank that is just above Grand Officer. Templar is the rank given right above Marshal. Generally years of proving one’s loyalty are needed in order to get such special treatment, and the Church only promotes those it believes will help in their own personal battles whether it be for good against evil, or more corrupt reasons…

The Empire often calls upon its “lesser wanted” civilians for duty. A great number of soldiers that are currently in The New World come straight from the execution block. This mainly being due to there being no prisons to keep those who commit crimes so punishment is often either military service, gladiatorial matches, or a simple trim off the top at the chopping block (beheading if you’re an idiot).

Currently the military has several different uniforms depending on what part of the world you’re serving in. The New World doesn’t have a distinct uniform so generally it is whatever the soldier prefers, and the military is willing to spend on for their equipment. In the Borderlands between Imperial lands and Viking lands the uniform is generally made out of cloth since both sides there use the latest, and greatest guns that the Dwarves are finally willing to sell. Often times the Dwarves sell goods that are years behind their own since it allows them to have an edge on all other races so no one wants to get on the bad side of the Dwarves. When it comes to the southern Kashari Jungle Islands known for their heinous environment, and wildlife the uniform is often plate mail, but leather armor is also really common. This is because they’re looking to simply survive in The Kashari Jungle Islands, and not wage war since beasts don’t wage war they simply eat.

In all cases the colors of the Imperial army is always red, white, and gold.

Present arms by gabrielmartin1776 d3haejz Some soldiers that are recent arrivals in The New World. They’ll find out quite quickly that they’re not going up against guns so a standard cloth uniform leaves them exposed.


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