War is Here

The Colony of Julioctris is threatened by harsh natives, wildlife, disease, and even an interior power struggle. It is up to the fine soldiers of the Empire to secure Julioctris so that it may strive, and bring about funds to help the Imperial war machine’s constant struggle for dominance throughout the world…

Storming the new world

This game is based in a world not much unlike our own. The current setting is a current project me, Guardianroc, and ButtersTheGreat have developed. There are many factions within the game, but the ultimate faction would be the Empire, an almost maniacally religious, and corrupt country that strives on human supremacy, and oppression. Currently the time frame is essentially the colonization time period equivalent of Earth. The main difference is there is actual magic, and instead of Native Americans the natives to The New World are Elves, Orcs, Drow, and various animal like humanoids. The reason for the colonies needing to be established for the Empire is so that they can secure resources to continue their war against the Vikings in The Northern Lands. The vikings too have secured colonies far to the North of where this game takes place, and will probably not be mentioned in this game anyway. We plan to do many games based around this setting, and I hope that everyone who stumbles onto this enjoys reading, and following our story!

For more information on the setting: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/co-op-world It’s not quite complete yet, but it currently has the world map on it. More will be updated on that page soon!

War of The New World

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